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Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Hardcore Gamers Top 20 Foods!

Alright, so for all you fellow gamers out there, you'll know that really, we don't eat to enjoy a nice tasting meal, we eat to quickly quiet our tummy rumbles or to crunch out our gaming frustrations, right? Well here is my own personal top 20 gaming food choices! They may seem kinda strange, but give them a shot! With these things on hand, I can make my gaming marathons last for days!

1. Energy Drinks! Duh, of course every gamer needs these, right? There are like SO many kinds though, so when I first started to pick them out at the corner store, I was overwhelmed! I have tried everything now, and what tastes the best imo is Full Throttle Fury, and what works the best is Mini Thin Rush (which looks strange compared to the rest of the energy drink types, but it is low cal and keeps you awake longer than the rest!)

2. Water! That's right, water! You can guzzle down the soda and juice and everything else liquid, but eventually, your body is going to crave some plain, refreshing water! Your body might be craving it and you won't even realize until you take a sip from your bottle and the next instant you've drained it and are going to get more, lol. I find if I keep hydrated, I don't feel as icky after spending 20 hours in a computer chair, lol.

3. Beef Jerky! Eventually you will realize that you have had only snack-type foods in the past 4 days, and you will start to crave something meat! I do anyways, so that's when I tare into the beef jerky. It's good to drink a bottle of water with it though because all the sodium can dehydrate you!

4. Hot Pockets! A gamer's classic meal, but personally I'm not that into the regular "Hot Pockets". I get Stouffer's Bistro pockets with the "crisping sleeve", lol. They are a little tastier, and the "crisping sleeve" makes it easier to eat with one hand while killing gnomes with the other!

5. Pringles / Sun Chips! I like to munch on something from time to time when I'm gaming, but regular potato chips make my keyboard all greasy which is sick, so I stick to something less messy like Pringles or Sun Chips. (didn't that sound like a line from a commercial? lol) I like Salt and Vinegar Pringles and French Onion Sun Chips.

6. Green Olives! Lol, yes Olives. I know it seems like an unlikely favorite gaming food, but I love olives, and if I throw a paper towel in the bottom of a bowl and then scoop my olives onto that, they aren't messy at all and I can just pop them in my mouth as I play!

7. Cans of Pop! Cans are so much better if you are gaming because if you have a big bottle, you won't finish it right away and it will get warm! Cans you can keep in the fridge and just run and grab every time you want a new one, or if your kitchen is far away, you could like keep them in a little cooler bag with an ice pack on your desk! I only drink caffeine free diet Pepsi, lol.

8. Lolly Pops! These are so great if you are trying to do something frustrating in a game because they are sweet and it is really hard to get grumpy with a lolly pop in your mouth! Plus, they are easy to eat without hands, which is a big bonus for a gaming candy, lol.

9. Tuna! Not just any tuna though, Clover Leaf Garlic & Hot Pepper Flaked White Tuna! These little cans (58g) are a great meal if you have them on crackers and I eat at least a can a day! lol. The Spicy Thai Chili kind is very good also!

10. Milk / Chocolate Milk! Milk is great for gaming because if you really don't have time to put any kind of chewable food into your mouth, you can just chug down a big glass of milk and it will keep you from being hungry!

11. Fluff! If you have never had Fluff, I demand you go out right now and grab yourself a jar and sit down with a spoon and ENJOY! If you are craving something sweet, which I usually am, a few spoonfuls of this will satisfy it and not make you feel icky from too much sugar! Also it is amazing in ice cream or in cereal or with peanut butter on toast (fluffernutter!). *I have heard rumors of "Strawberry Fluff", if anyone knows where I can get some let me know!! lol*

12. Hot Dogs! So sick if you think about how they are made/ what they are made from, but if you can think taste over production like I can, then they are a great little fast meal!

13. Cheese! Oh so simple yet tasty and filling! I am always grabbing chunks of cheddar cheese from my fridge when I'm almost hungry enough to eat a meal, but not quite, and want to get back to my game fast. Plus it's calcium baby!

14. Soup! Not just any soup though, Campbell's Soup at Hand soups! You just throw them in the microwave for a minute and then drink it! So handy and no dishes, lol.

15. Crackers! My personal favorites are Wheat Thins! I always have a box somewhere on my desk, and when I am out of Pringles, they are what I reach for when I need to crunch something!

16. Chocolate! Of course every gamer needs some chocolate from time to time! My favorite gaming chocolate is Twix or M&Ms because they are simple to eat and shareable if you are playing with someone!

17. Bubble Gum! I go through so so so much bubble gum when I am gaming! It is just fun and something to chew on! lol. Plus I like to blow bubbles.

18. Two Bite Brownies! I try to avoid these as much as possible, but they are nice thing to have from time to time! Of course if you are gaming they are forced into becoming one bite brownies, lol.

19. Gummy Bears! These are great to have on my computer desk somewhere for snacking on! They are super tasty and when your doing really bad in a game, it is nice to be able to bite someones head off and not feel bad about it, lol.

20. Granola Bars! I eat so so many of these things! From chocolate covered ones to honey and oat super healthy ones, lol. They are a great early morning gaming food, lol.

**And finally, my all time favorite gamer meal is Garlic & Hot Pepper Tuna on Wheat Thins with Olives and a glass of Chocolate Milk! All four food groups ftw! lol***


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