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Friday, July 25, 2008

Is Going Bisexual Now Like Going Blond??

Alright, so I know this does not relate directly to gaming, but this is something I have been thinking about for a while now and wanted to blog about. Are the many lesbian/bisexual female characters that now appear in movies/TV shows and the new hit song "I Kissed a Girl" helping to make it easier for bisexual girls to come out of their shoe closets? Or has society decided that being bisexual is now as appealing as being a blond? Just like so many girls who have dyed their hair to seem more appealing to the majority of guys out there, are girls now claiming to be bisexual for the same reasons? Sure, it is excellent that for girls, being bisexual/lesbian is accepted by the majority of our society today, and it is unfortunate that the same society is not also accepting of guys with the same interests, but why is this?

Most guys share the fantasy of being with two girls at once or having the privilege of watching two girls together, and this is of course known by everyone. Without a doubt this is why our society seems to be content with lesbians, while most still shun gay males. Even look at the names, if a girl likes another girl, she is a lesbian (which is a rather nice sounding word), but if a guy likes a guy he is gay or a homo or worse! So has this longing for girl on girl action spawned the latest fad of girls being into girls?

I recently spent some time browsing Myspace and Facebook profiles. An astounding 33% of the girls between age 14 and 29 had bisexual for their orientation, while another 20% had left it blank. Also, out of all the girls who had straight as their orientation, 4% of them had the "I Kissed A Girl" song on their play list. These are pretty impressive numbers, so are the younger generations now feeling more free to experiment with such things, or are they simply trying to win some horny guy's affections? Of course I can't say for the many Myspace and Facebook girls who claimed to be bisexual, but I can say for myself!

If you tell a guy that you are bisexual, they will always be more interested! Believe me, I've tried it out. I would always leave my "orientation" out of my profiles, not because I was not sure, but just in case I had to tell a guy that I was in fact secretly into girls. I didn't just claim to be bisexual on my profile because as much fun as it was to tell random Internet guys that I was, I knew that my friends would question it. I have noticed now that girls I know who are for sure not bisexual, claim to be online, and whenever "I Kissed A Girl" comes on at the bar, watch out because you're going to get kissed by one of your girl friends!

I really do think that being bisexual does make you appear more desirable to the general public, and therefore more and more girls are claiming to swing that way. Whether girls just tend to like girls more than guys and now feel that it is okay to act on that, or whether deciding to be bi is now like deciding to go blond, without a doubt, being bisexual will make you more popular! Look at all the actresses who have "come out" as bisexuals or lesbians who are now impossibly famous (Angelina Jolee, Ellen, Drew Barrymore), and look at the success of "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry (bisexual) or the popularity of Sex And The City's Samantha or the Showcase Series, The L Word. BEING BISEXUAL IS IN!

There are many articles insisting that being bisexual is not just a trend, and for the girls out there who are having relations with other girls, I believe this is true. However, the fact is that most girls who say they are bisexual (especially online) have never, and will never kiss a girl and like it!


Unknown said...

It todays, world the awful fad of being bi, at least what i call is bi-trendy, at least the im drunk lets make out at a party cause its cool is bi trendy to me.

Adamantyr said...

Yeah, guys definitely like the ladies with ladies... so it doesn't surprise me that a lot of online profiles are ambitious as to orientation.

I also noticed how you skillfully evaded actually answering the question concerning yourself. Bravo. :)

J.W.P said...

lol ;)

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a Sex and the City episode narrative lol but I don't see how any woman can honestly say they have never been at the very minimum bi-curious.

J.W.P said...

lol =) Yeah for sure! Even the straightest of the straight girls have at least probably wondered at one time or another.

Unknown said...

alot of women pretend to be bi or think its cool because thier pretentious attention whoring little bitches. Its not purely an acceptence thing, its a trendyness thing too i've found. And as you can probably tell, it irritates me. I also hate that song "i kissed a girl" i have to listen to it at least 5 times a day on the radio at work, i will admit it gets stuck in my head but that annoys me even more.
About the whole homo/gay/lesbian thing tho.
I have a friend who used to be a tutor of mine who is gay, we get on very very well. Its not that i have a problem with homosexuals, i'm just hating this phase of attention grabbing retards who think saying thier bi is a rad thing.
I will proudly say that i am probably one of the few males who isnt turned on by girl on girl or lesbians for that matter.

Yours over oppinionatedly and extremly abrasively,


J.W.P said...

Duuuuuude I said that I have done that! So you think I'm a pretentious attention whoring little bitch!? Harsh Daniel, very harsh!

Oh, I wanted to add too because I didn't say it anywhere in my post that I do like the I Kissed A Girl song and really enjoy the rest of Katy Perry's music =)

Unknown said...

Yeah but i know you, not these multitude of retards who live in my town.

Unknown said...

I just pretty much got angry over the idea in general, not specifics. Plus i go a bit carried away, but i'll be honest, YES it does annoy me. I'm not going to condemn you because you tried it personally but at the same time in my oppinion its still a dumb thing to do imo. I'll be honest.... but then again what do i know? i'm not a girl, maybe i cant relate to what your saying about girls being curious at least at some point of what it would be like.

J.W.P said...

Lol well even if it annoys you perhaps try and express ur oppinion a little less angrily =P Calling people pretentious attention whoring little bitches isn't a good way of expressing how you feel on something, and just makes you look bad. I didn't call you a sell out trend following idiot when you said you bought a mac OR when you sold ur 360 to buy a PS3, even if I may have thought it =P

Unknown said...

I didnt call you that personally, i know you probably feel directly attacked because i decided to get cranky about the topic in general in a place where you openly admitted to trying the bi stance thing. i'm just saying that i know alot of girls face to face who are like that, girls who start kissing even tho thier not really gay/bi at bars just to get guys attentions. I feel it takes a real lack of self esteem if someone needs to do that to feel accepted. I have already admitted to having gotten a little too carried away too btw. Where i'm coming from is, i was told by another person that its human nature to a point to want to be accepted. I guess i'm an odd ball in that respect where i try to hard to be the opposite to the point that it occasionally makes me look retarded. So its like opposites clashing.
I'm just saying that that doesnt stop me from finding the whole thing a bit silly that is all.

the whole ps3/mac thing, well at the end of the day, nobody has any fuel to really meaningfully bash me over that anyway, because at the end of the day, when it comes to consoles that we choose, or the computers we use. If we choose to argue about it then its basically like people using it as fuel to chest beat over who is the superiour nerd.

So yes, i appologise and backpedal the whole over abrasive shit i said. But at the same time the essence of what i said is more or less my oppinon, i should have been more choosy about how oi worded it, also given he context of the content of the original post.

Faulk said...

I'm starting to beleive that some women take the whole bisexual thing for granted. Being gay myself I know how hard it is to be accepted by friends and even family. In my honest opinion, women who use bisexuality as an attention grabber, should not. Gays and lesbians have created their own identity and don't need people who only act that way to get attention, to come in and take that away from us. I will agree on your guy/girl comparison, it is much much harder for a guy to be accepted for a gay, then it is a girl.