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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bored on WoW? Top 10 Things to do to Pass The Time!

Whether you're waiting on a battleground to que, for your arena team to get it together, or just wasting time while you look for a group, wait for a raid, or spam the trade chat, everyone sometimes finds themselves bored and waiting in the World of Warcraft. So yeah, most people would then shut off the game, and go out and find something more interesting to do, but for the rest of us... here are a list of my top ten things to do to pass the time in WoW!

(If you have something you do, that isn't on my list, please comment about it! I'd like to have a wide variety of choices for activities when I find myself with nothing to do! lol)

In no particular order, here they are:

1 Ironforge Square Jumping - This is a new one for me, as I only heard about it yesterday! Excellent for long or short wait times, and all it requires is that you be in Ironforge! It's simplistic genius is astounding! lol Basically, if you look at the floor in IF, you will see it is made up of large brown tiles, and smaller greyish-blue tiles. Square jumping entails jumping from grey square to grey square, which you may think is too simple to be fun, but there are ones that are close together, that require the rather tricky ability of switching from running to walking mid jump! Also, once you get the basic jumping down, you can incorporate some 360s into your jumps, lol.

2 Stormwind Fountain Dancing bank, jump up, and start dancing! You'll be surprised how many people join you! ( - One of my favorite WoW pass times for sure! Just head to the fountain outside of the Stormwindespecially if your character is female and happens to be wearing no armor! lol) Not sure how to get up on the fountain?? It's easy! Just stand on one of the corners, as far back as you can manage without falling off. Then jump up to the next level at the corner. (see my pic for more clarification) To get up on the statue's head, just jump up, it may take a few tries, but it is possible!

3 Random Whispers - So this one you can do from anywhere, and it can be extremely entertaining! Basically, just think of something completely random that someone might say in the midst of a conversation... (ex: "OMG He actually asked you if you thought it would fit!?") Taken in context, it's harmless, Sally says: Josh asked if I thought the dress would fit me. Your Response: OMG he actually asked you if you thought it would fit!?... see, harmless! But, whisper only your line to someone random, followed promptly by a OMG MT, srry, and prepare to laugh... lol. Everyone will take it the wrong way, lol. Alright, so it's childish, and goofy, but it is funny! You can get a bit more riskay with your whispers too, just don't be too extreme because you don't want to offend some 10 year old girl and get reported!

4 Explore On Top of Ironforge and Under Ironforge - So they did take the wall jumping out of the game (which seemed to be what a lot of people did when they were bored in WoW, me included) but you can still get on top of IF and I am assuming under it as well, because there is no invisible stairs to climb! Getting up is easy, although it will probably require a map so I'll make one shortly after I finish this blog and post it. Getting under is easy as well, but you need the assistance of a bored mage friend. I'll explain it in detail when I map out how to get on top of IF too.

5 Hide and Seek/ Duck Duck Goose - Have a raid that is taking forever to get ready? A few members of your arena team being slackers and haven't logged on yet?? Well, get out of your group, pick a city, pick who is "it", and have fun! Basic hide and seek can be great, but if you want to make it more like hide and seek tag, get a few leather balls and give them to whoever is "it". When they find someone, they must throw the ball and get it into their inventory to tag them, lol. Also, if you're mid raid and half the people go afk, throw in a quick game of Duck Duck Goose!

6 Take Care of the Tram Rat Infestation - Always a favorite for people who just like to kill things, head on over to the Iron Forge side of the Deep Run Tram and start killing rats. They respawn as you kill them, so you'll never run out! If you have a weapon skill that you've been neglecting leveling, this is the place to do it!

7 Sewer Beast Hunting - That's right! There really is a giant albino crock that haunts the Stormwind canals! Although he is extremely rare, if you find yourself standing around bored in SW, go for a swim! He can spawn basically anywhere in the canals, so make sure you check for him everywhere! Be careful if you are below level 61 though! Oh... and he doesn't actually drop any sweet loot, but you'll be able to say that you are one of the few who have actually found and killed the sewer beast!

8 Dueling - When all else fails, head to the gates of IF or SW and you are sure to find someone your level who is willing to duel you! If you don't see anyone, just step back into the city and say you want someone to duel... Won't take long for someone else who is bored to show up!

9 Follow People - It's more like stalking I guess, but it's entertaining for a while! Pick some random level 10, or a 70 if you prefer, and just start following them all over the city. If they take the griffin or hearth, /who them and find out where they went, then go there and find them again! No doubt it will freak the person out, lol, which is what makes it fun.

10 Sell Cats - So this one is a little more complicated, and if you have no sales skills, you wont be very successful at it. Know where the crazy cat lady lives?? Just head out of SW, you'll find her house between SW gates and Northshire Abby. Buy a variety of cats from her, then go back to SW, stand on the steps of the AH, and just like little Pepitos, try and sell your cats to the players that pass you!

See my new WotLK Updated List : NEW LIST


Daniel Pepper said...

11: play age of conan, thats what i'm doing :-P

LittleGamerGirl said...

Lol, I was gonna buy that game, but I checked out some reviews and asked some ppl who have been playing it and it didn't sound so good... Supposidly there are a shit load of bugs, no customer service and you can reach the level cap in a week?

Daniel Pepper said...
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Daniel Pepper said...
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adam said...

Hey im like really bored on wow :P like thats why i am searching forums to see what to do lol :P what relm are you on?and if you would email me on on things to do then :P that would be great..many thanks

Anshii said...

what about we gamer girls in the horde?

LittleGamerGirl said...

Some of my list works for horde too... but I guess I should make a more horde specific one now that I play horde more than alliance =D lol Thanx for the comment ^^

Elise said...

I havent seen this blog before and all I can say is : thats a shame! Cause I love it :D

J.W.P said...

Haha aw, thanx! ^^

Szen said...
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Szen said...

I am ressing this thread *ressed* now thats done, moving on.

I was bored in work one day.. being today go figure, searched on google things to do when your bored on WoW.. *shoosh* enter this blog.

I quit WoW for a long time, now im back I am just back to flying around aimlessly..

1. Please make my time on the game more enjoyable..

2. If anyone wants to move to Nagrand EU.. I will happily boost, levels 70+ or/and gear boost 85.. I dont charge its purly for lols and I will not be on your account.. you will.. I may occasionally let you die for personal lols.. but yano enter at your own risk and all.

Thanks for the bored guide, it killed like 20 mins of work for me and an extra 10 mins to make this account to post, so you can probably gather.. yes, im really bored, HELP !!